Sneetch Marbles, Inc, Complete Kit

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Sneetch Marbles, Inc. is a dynamic training module to improve team performance and emotional intelligence.

A proven experiential training module for EQ Leadership, Productivity, and Team Performance - as seen in O Magazine!

Sneetch Marbles, Inc. is a dynamic training module to improve team performance and emotional intelligence. The program can be focused on many different learning objectives, including:

  • Leadership: Understanding role and use of power in leadership. Recognizing leadership styles and effects of those styles.
  • Productivity: Clarifying role of emotion in “engagement.” Developing strategies to increase team productivity.
  • Performance: Recognizing patterns of reaction and response. Increasing awareness of the importance of emotional intelligence.

Sneetch Marbles, Inc. centers around a simulation of teams competing to form a successful "assembly line" with marbles and tubes. The simulation is deliberately designed to create tension between the managers and line employees. Much of the richness of this experience comes from the way team leaders handle this conflict, the resulting experience, and the debriefing. In addition to simulating a dynamic that occurs frequently, this challenge leads many participants to a mild but significant emotional reaction (e.g., from frustration to anger or apathy to rebellion). The name of the module is inspired by a Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches.

This complete kit includes

  • The Trainer Kit
  • four sets of tubes, marbles, and cans (for up to 32 participants)
  • 20 Participant Kits

Sneetch Marbles, Inc, Trainer Kit includes:

  • Facilitator's guide with
    • introduction
    • scripted 90-minute workshop on leadership, engagement, and emotional intelligence
    • suggested variations
  • CD with powerpoint and originals of trainer kit handouts
  • Two "Secret Memos" to promote different feelings in your "managers."
  • Team cards (for assigning roles)
  • Star Belly directions

Sneetch Marbles, Inc, Participant Kit includes:

  • Sneetch Rules booklet (to set up power dynamic)
  • Sneetch Debrief (after the simulation)
  • Sneetch Strategy Brief (for a "strategic planning meeting" exercise where participants identify how to solve the issues the company faces)
  • New Rules booklet (to recap key concepts)

For details about the program, visit the Sneetch Mables, Inc, page.

Important! This product is sold on a seat-license basis read the license agreement.

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