Self-Science: Getting Started with Social Emotional Learning


In this kit, schools will find the foundation to build an effective social-emotional learning program.

Self-Science: A Proven Process to Develop Social and Emotional Skills

Self-Science -- so named because emotional intelligence grows from the scientific study of our relationships and ourselves -- is one of the few comprehensive, developmental, and research-based curricula for creating a school-wide culture of emotional intelligence.  Self-Science was first published in 1978 and has been used by hundreds of schools around the globe; this third edition revises and updates the curriculum to be more teacher-friendly and cohesive with the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.

In this kit, schools will find the foundation to build an effective social-emotional learning program. Unlike most “packages,” Self-Science is a process with a clear competency model and a methodology that can be adapted and integrated into the classroom and school. With minimal training and support, teachers will be able to learn a practical framework and process for teaching these skills. When effectively implemented, Self-Science creates a powerful shift in the learning environment toward collaboration, inclusion, and humanism, which significantly reduces destructive behavior while also increasing academic performance.  In one study, 100% of the teachers said Self-Science increased cooperation and improved classroom relationships. Seventy five percent said after using the program, both violence and “put-downs” decreased, plus students became more focused and their achievement improved. 
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 "Self-Science is a pioneer, an early harbinger of an idea that is spreading to schools coast to coast.... A list of the contents of Self-Science is an almost point-for-point match with the ingredients of emotional intelligence -- and with the core skills recommended as primary prevention for the range of pitfalls threatening children.... Were he alive today, Aristotle, so concerned with emotional skillfulness, might well approve."                                                    - Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence

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