Six Seconds EQ Network Stickers (7 options)


Awesome EQ stickers in seven styles (Plutchik Emotion Wheel, EQ Model, Iceberg, TFA and more!) in high-quality, lasting vinyl ideal for your water bottle, laptop, or anywhere you want to show off your passion for emotional intelligence! See below for pictures of all the fun options!

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Here are the options with a picture of each sticker — to choose your sticker, look above near the price and you’ll be able to select which one you want… the form looks like this:

EQ Model stickerĀ (Round, 4 inches/10 cm wide)


Plutchik Flower Sticker (3 inches wide)


3 RingsĀ  – Know, Choose, Give with What, How, Why Sticker (3 inches wide)



Iceberg Sticker (3 inches wide)


Think, Feel, Act Sticker (3 inches wide)



Brain Styles Sticker (3 inches wide)


Six Seconds “Tree” (1 inch wide)

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
EQ Stickers

EQ Model, Plutchik Flower, 3 Rings, Iceberg, Think Feel Act, Brain Styles, Six Seconds Tree

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