Being the Best Version of You – A Journal for Emotional Intelligence


This insightful journal has been created to support your journey to develop and master your Emotional Intelligence.

Using the tools of to strengthen your emotional muscle is the key to the pathway of “Being the best version of you.”

Thought-provoking activities, insightful quotes that trigger key reflection, and easy steps to action and make a change. This journal is a must read in today’s demanding and fast paced environment.

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This journal has been compiled by Charlotte Moore, Emotional Intelligence coach and facilitator of motivational training programmes supporting people to be the best versions of themselves. Charlotte's career spanned 20 years working in and with some of the world's most prestigious development and hospitality organisations including Franklin Covey, The Jumeirah Group and Marriott International.

Suggested uses:

1) A Journal for Self - A chance to purchase the journal for you! To strengthen and grow your own Emotional Intelligence. As we have completed the SEI and have the reports, the journal provides a perfect opportunity to deep dive into specific competencies identified. The activities lead to self reflection and growth, a real chance for us as coaches to walk the talk and work on our own balance.
2) A Coaching Tool - Clients can buy the journal as part of their 6seconds coaching program with you. The journal can be utilized throughout the coaching sessions to expand further understanding of competencies. Feedback has been shared that clients achieve real 'ah ha moments as exercises and activities are completed to demonstrate and strengthen EQ. Coaches have found it useful to agree post session actions with their coachee so they can further deepen their understanding;
e.g 1) Complete the activity on page 22, following us starting it together.
e.g. 2) Use the questions on page 33 to reflect on a few examples of previous choices.
Exercises agreed can then be discussed during the next session, leading to an effortless way to weave in the coaching agreement and stay on track. Key for us to demonstrate with the ICF body.
3) A Leadership Gift - Gifted at corporate seminars or presentations to the leaders of a business. A company recently purchased a journal for each of their leaders. Very on point with the current focus on 'well being'
4) Welcome Gift- A welcome tool for new recruits as part of an Induction program. A good way to introduce new people to the business and its way and culture of doing things.
5) A present - A tool for anyone wanting to grow and develop their Emotional Intelligence! A nice gift for loved ones for their birthday.
‘’I have had the privilege of working with Charlotte Moore for a number of years and would describe our EQ belief system as aligned and complementary. Charlotte being a qualified SEI and Emotional Intelligence coach was a gift to Palazzo Versace Dubai and provided the opportunity to help our leaders, many still young and at the early stage of their career, grow to find the best version of themselves, not only professionally but on a personal level. A Win Win for each individual and the hotel. Each leader will reap the benefits on their life journey long after their time with our hotel. ‘Being The Best Version of You’ journal is the perfect short and long term reference and reflection tool. While going through the process it provides simple and effective thought provokers which assist to grasp the deeper meaning of their SEI results. Once SEI is completed, life can take hold again and unconsciously we slip back into old patterns, this journal becomes our long term reference and reminder of being our best version of self. The value of this journal was demonstrated by the fact that all individuals that recently started coaching, chose to purchase the journal to enhance their experience. In addition many that have already undergone the coaching also chose to purchase the journal.’’
Sandra Tikal
General Manager Palazzo Versace Dubai
‘’Being the Best Version of You’ is a beautiful and inspiring journal. I love all the feel-good quotes and awe-inspiring photos, they really add a depth to this journal to help you feel motivated. The thought-provoking exercises really pull to the surface areas that need your focus and attention. I highly recommend this as a tool to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence. It has certainly helped me deal with areas of my life that needed further support! My relationship with my teenage has benefitted greatly and my general well-being feels greatly strengthened. ‘’
Jamie Shaw
Sub-Editor Cotswold Times Magazine
‘’I recently started SEI Coaching with Charlotte Moore to bring some EQ back in to my life as well as refreshing myself on the wonderful 6seconds model. The ‘Being the Best Version of You’ journal is a fantastic resource which Charlotte has developed and has truly supported my coaching journey. We use the book in parallel with our insightful conversations to encourage further discussion and education around the model. I have also been using the journal outside of our coaching sessions to record my reflections which encourages me to be more structured. I would recommend this thought-provoking journal to anyone wishing to develop themselves further in the practice of emotional intelligence. Whether used alongside coaching or as a stand-alone resource, this book will certainly support anyone wishing to work towards being the best version of themselves.’’
Holly Casares
Head of Learning and Talent Development ICBC Standard Bank Plc
‘’I completed the coaching more than one year ago and till today it helps me to manage my emotions in the most difficult times of my life, both personal and professional. Purchasing the journal 1 year down the line truly reminds, inspires and deepens the understanding of Emotional Intelligence. It guides on more understanding, takes more angles how EQ can help me be “The best version of Myself”
Iuliia Sliusar
Learning & Development Manager Palazzo Versace Dubai
‘’I have used Charlotte's journal for two of my clients who are working on understanding how they can use their emotions as important data when making decisions. Both clients - one a teacher, the other a therapist - have used the journal to map out their triggers, their successes and their struggles. I'm so happy to say that both, although initially unsure of exploring their emotions, are now much more comfortable to talk about the 'big stuff' and they often refer to the journal as their starting point. I thoroughly recommend Charlotte's journal to anyone who is unsure about how to start examining their own emotions safely.’’
Ruth Whiteside
Coaching Solutions for Schools - future-proofing your school
“I didn’t realise when I first bought ‘Being the Best Version of You’ EQ journal how helpful & practical it would be for me. It has provided the perfect resource to rebuild my practice of journaling & recording my reflections. I have now gifted a journal to each of my 30 programme participants & already they are finding it a useful & practical resource, & hugely relevant to the work we are doing. The prompts for each competence are a great first step in their journey inside, & a natural springboard for subsequent conversations. Thank you so much Charlotte. I will let you know over the coming months how the journals are being used, & what is of greatest benefit.”
Lisette Nolan
Change Leadership Coach Efficiency & Distribution Allied Irish Bank

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